Wednesday, December 7, 2016

"Five Questions" Interview with Green Screen/Chromakey Background

Lighting Techniques

For this post I showed a described different lighting techniques, for this post I used Connie Maybin as the model for the images.

Rembrandt - This picture shows 45 degree lighting

Split- Lighting from a 90 degree angle

Broad Lighting- 

Butterfly Lighting 


Jordan Beagle Resume Tape

This is my first broadcasting resume tape, it features some of my best stories, stand ups, and more. This could be used to help me find a job or career in the broadcasting field on day.

Jordan Beagle Commercial

I was able to do a stand up in the green screen studio for a commercial. I chose to do my commercial on Orangeburg, South Carolina's very own "Gold's Gym." In the commercial I mentioned that if "you name it, they got it." The commercial features myself and workout partner Chris Anderson.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Chestnut St. Pedestrian Bridge

 Here in Orangeburg, South Carolina is the very large campus of South Carolina State University. There are many living communities that are apart of SC State. The major ones that are assigned for off campus living. They are University Village and Campus Corner. There's a big problem with students walking to class; there's only one dangerous crosswalk in between Chestnut St. Well, that problem is now being fixed with the new pedestrian bridge.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

In Mr. Harwood's Advanced TV production class I had to the opportunity to take pictures. Not just any pictures, but with better lighting.

My partner for this assignment was Jaylaan Riley. I took 3 different pictures of her to display how better the lighting is with the reflector.

This is the first one with her back facing the sun.

The second with the sun shining off the reflector, which gave Jaylaan better lighting.

The third shows everything all together, The sun reflecting of the reflector, the subject (Jaylaan) and the light reflecting off of her.